Lost in imaging is a microscopy club that aim to connect the bio-imaging community in Turku, Finland.
We manage an email list to discuss microscopy-related topics.
We organise meetings (twice a month) in Biocity Turku where anyone with microscopy interests is free to join.

Lost in imaging meetings

The format of each seminar is as follow:
– General announcements
– One 20 min presentation on a specific microscopy topic (see bellow)
– Call for help presentations (5 min each, Max 4)

The next meetings will be held in the Wikgreen Seminar room in the Biocity building. The theme of each meeting will be updated here as soon as it is decided. Anyone welcome !

29.01. 12-13. Topic: Designing a rigorous microscopy experiment. Speaker : Guillaume Jacquemet
19.02. 12-13. Topic: Image denoising using deep learning approaches. Speaker: Guillaume Jacquemet
11.03. 12-13 : Meeting cancelled due to overlapping events
25.03. 12-13 Topic: Huygens software and image deconvolution. Speaker: Marika Vainio
17.04. 12-13 Topic: FRET and FRET probe design. Speaker: James Conway
29.04. 12-13
20.05. 12-13
03.06. 12-13

Contact us !

To join our email list, to suggest a topic or to participate to one of the call for help sessions, please fill the form bellow: